Sunday, February 28, 2010

Life is good.

... but next year...
probably not.
I've signed up for some hard classes and am opting out of a trimester of band *sniffle*.
But i'll be in Drawing and Painting 1 instead.
Which totally is going to be my favoritest class ever, I can tell.

Ah, CalArts, why are you so elusive?
My life drawing sucks right now.
Nobody gives a crap if you can draw manga well in your college portfolio.
I'd better pick up the slack if I ever want to get to Valencia.
I hope they allow mini fridges in the dorm rooms.
As you all know, i'm a milkaholic.
A glass at breakfast, 2 cartons at lunch, a glass after school, 3 or 4 glasses at dinner, a glass or 2 before bed...


that's my rant of the day. Your thoughts?

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