Monday, March 8, 2010

Today is a good day, luvs.

I am happy.
Wind Ensemble auditions are over.
I got a 101% on my Bio test for the second time in a row.
It was 54 degrees and sunny.
Actually, it's somewhat ironic how much I obsess over grades,
seeing as how all i really want to do
is be a storyboard artist at an animation studio.
More specifically,
i'd like to steal Bob Petersen's job.

(You have been warned, Bob Petersen. Beware.
I am coming for you.)

CalArts is like the Holy Grail of animation schools.
A degree in Character Animation from there is like
having a ginormous shiny gold star sticker and a $500 dollar bill on your resume.
But it's so far away...
(only 24 hours driving time, though, kiddies! No worries! I'll come back to visit!)
that is, if I get in.
Out of a pool of 2,000 applicants, they take 200.

Sometimes less.


Well, isn't that just a great way to put a damper on the day?
At least I have art next trimester.

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