Sunday, April 18, 2010

Cool movie quotes.

Alvin and the Chipmunks: the Squeakuel--------------------

Dr. Rubin: You threatened to climb inside them and build a nest.
Simon: Umm... that was out of line. I'm not even sure that's physically possible.

Theodore: [upon Dave asking where Aunt Jackie is] She's practicing her pole dancing.

Alvin: Don't make me kiss you. I will.
Simon: err...
Alvin: Choo choo! Make out train is leaving the station!

Alvin and the Chipmunks-------------------------------------

Simon: We're talking chipmunks, Dave. We can get out of a cat carrier. Not even hard to do.

Simon: We put a few toaster waffles aside for winter.
Alvin: And we're not sharing!

The Chipmunk Adventure-------------------------------------

Dave: Now let's see... shirts, pants, overcoat, socks... am I forgetting anything?
Alvin: Me!
Dave: Alvin, we've been over this a million times!
Alvin: Please, Dave! I need a little culture in my life! The Eiffel Tower, the Sixteen Chapel, the Louvre in Rome!
Simon: The Louvre is in Paris, Alvin.
Alvin: You see? I don't even know where the Louvre is!

Simon: I can't believe you decieved Miss Miller for a package of Tutti Frutti, Theodore.
Theodore: Two packages!

Simon: Alvin, land the balloon by the fountain.
[the balloon lands in a tree]
Simon: Like I said, "in the tree."

Simon always gets the best lines.

Lilo and Stitch-----------------------------------------

Lilo: I'm sorry I bit you... and pulled your hair... and punched you in the face...

Lilo: [creating voodoo dolls of her playmates] My friends need to be punished.

Mr. Cobra Bubbles: Thus far, you have been adrift in the sheltered harbor of my patience.

Pleakley: Oh great! He's loose!
Jumba: His destructive programming is taking effect. He will be irresistibly drawn to large cities, where he will back up sewers, reverse street signs, and steal everyone's left shoe.

Stitch: Aloha!
Gantu: Ah! You're vile; you're foul; you're flawed!
Stitch: Also cute and fluffy!

Nani: [talking on the phone] I think it might be a koala... an *evil* koala. I can't even pet it! It keeps *staring* at me, like it's gonna eat me!

Mr. Cobra Bubbles: Let me illuminate to you the precarious situation i which you have found yourself. I am the one they call when things go wrong, and things have indeed gone wrong.

Lilo: You rotten sister, your butt is crushing me! Why do you act so wierd?

Lilo: Did you lose your job because of Stitch and me?
Nani: Nah. The manager's a vampire. He wanted me to join his legion of the undead.
Lilo: I knew it!

Lilo: Don't worry. She likes your butt and fancy hair. I know. I read her diary.

Rescue lady: You have to think of a name for him.
Lilo: His name is... ”Stitch."
Rescue lady: But that's not a real name...
[Nani gesturing "NO"]
Rescue lady: in... Iceland. But here it's a good name! "Stitch" it is.

Nani: You are so finished when I get in there! I'm gonna stuff you in the blender, push "puree," then bake you into a pie and feed it to the social worker! And when he says, "Mmmm, this is great, what's your secret?" I'm gonna say...
[Mr. Bubbles hooks his foot around hers and pulls her away from the dog-door]
Nani: ...Love... and... nurturing...

Pleakley: Help! I don't like the ocean! Ahh! Oh, look, a friendly little dolphin. They helped sailors during the war... It's a shark! It's a shark and it ain't friendly! Looks like a dolphin... Tricky fish! Tricky fish! Octopus, will you please help me? An octo... the octopus is worse than the shark! I hate this planet!

Lilo: Stitch is troubled. He needs desserts!

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